My hardest day…..

Friends for a matter of days!!

Some may find this strange, but being bitten by some kind of barracuda type fish was ok! Really it wasn’t the most pleasant thing to have happen, but it certainly wasn’t the worst either. In many ways, the experience was actually good – I was with friends when it happened, the response from the park and tour company was quick, there just happened to be nurses there on another tour who cleaned up the wound appropriately, and my favorite of all, the bite was on my leg and not my butt!! 🙂 The injury was covered by the tour company, my hostel has assured me I will have a place to stay as long as I need to have the wound checked daily, etc. I feel lucky to have this kind of care and concern around me….it’s comforting in it’s own way.

However, today was difficult. No, the doctor digging around and cleaning up the wound again wasn’t the real pain. The real suffering came in saying goodbye to my friends Veronica and Livio from Italy. I don’t even know how it happened that we became such good friends so quickly. Poor Livio….his English is much better than my Italian, but Veronica speaks good English and so we chatted frequently. Livio had to sit and just watch us two blabbing! But he is such a good sport and has a wonderful sense of humor!

We met on our Four Island tour. Veronica and I kind of looked at each other and at one point she asked if I was from America. She said she had seen my name on the list and that I was from the USA.  She wanted to be with someone who spoke English! Well, I can do my fair share of speaking…that’s for sure! Anyway, we spent the day together on our tour. Again, poor Livio had to put up with us talking all day! And to make matters worse, he had to keep helping me on and off the boat! He was wonderful….such a gentleman! After the tour, we agreed to meet at the night market. I searched all over for them, as they did for me, but we never did meet up. I was so sad to think I had missed seeing them again. I even went to the market the next night looking for them, but still didn’t see them. The joke was that I was really looking for Livio because he’s so tall in this land of short people!!

The following day, I was on my Phi Phi Island Tour and at the very first stop, I saw them!!! I was so excited and so were they. We set up a definite meeting plan for later that evening! We had a nice dinner together and they gave me a Thailand SIM card for my phone so we could keep in touch while we were both in town. I ended up extending my stay so we could go on another tour together….the notorious “FLESH-EATING TOUR”.  It was during this commotion that I realized I had true friends for life in these two people.

When I was injured, they were right there comforting me, making sure I had what I needed, and taking care of my things. They came to the hospital with me and checked on me later in the evening. Today, they were waiting at my hostel when I returned from my hospital visit.

Say goodbye was very difficult for me. We spent several hours together at the coffee shop just talking about politics and families and the stupid fish-biting! I feel like these are people who were always meant to be in my life! For the first time since I left America, I feel strangely alone! I have wonderful roommates, all of whom check on me often during the day and are genuinely concerned about my well-being. I know they recognize that I am sad today and I’m touched by that! Even one of the hostel employees checked up on me thinking I was hurting from the bite when it was really hurting from watching my friends leave.

To Veronica and Livio…..thank you for all your care and compassion and friendship. I know we will meet again!! 🙂

Love you both already…..Cheri 🙂


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Travel Spirit
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 19:31:24

    Hope you don’t feel too lonely! 🙂


  2. dmotto
    Mar 31, 2012 @ 10:05:54

    You made me CRY!!! I know the pain of parting from those you love.


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