Thank you letter to Kuala Lumpur!

KLCC Tower

Aquil - My Favorite Bartender!

My dear KL,

Wow! Where do I start? You had me fooled big-time. I didn’t like you even one little bit at first, but you grew on me! So much so, that I returned to you for a few extra nights. I’m not going to say a final good-bye simply because you are so easy for me, I’m likely to return even on this trip!

First off, I must say a huge thanks to the folks at Reggae Mansion Kuala Lumpur! Every day, I watched the reception desk employees greeting everyone as they were coming and going. They also said things like “have a great day”, “enjoy your trip”, “see you soon”, etc. Right from the start, they embraced me and made me feel welcome. But I must say, I truly had the best fun ever with the bar/restaurant staff – they were fabulous. Aquil kept me supplied with the vodka/cranberry, but more importantly, he made great conversation. He has the most wonderful smile and laugh! To Aquil, Freddy, E, and Alf….thank you for taking me in and showing me a good time. And okay, thanks for laughing at me while I was learning how to use the chopsticks! It made me feel like a part of a “family”. You were all wonderful. Thank you!

The National Mosque – you surprised me! I was not feeling like, as an American, I really wanted to acknowledge your existence. But instead, I felt a calm and a true sense that your religion is not so different from ours. Every day the call to prayer is sent out and followers come to express their love for the world. What a mess to your image a few idiots have done. I found your people to be helpful, caring, and considerate. Thank you!

And to the kids who came to Reggae Mansion and included me in their conversations and partying, thank you! You helped me to feel young and taught me so much about what to look for in Thailand. Mostly, you impressed me. Who would think that with all that partying, you still made time to respect KL. You got early (I think sometimes because you never went to sleep!!) to get free tickets into the Petronas Towers. You hustled over to Chinatown for cheap eats and climbed the 274 stairs at Batu Cave. You recognized the importance of your journeys. Many times I saw you writing in journals and skyping back home with family members. You spoke with pride about where you came from, what you studied or will study in school, and always encouraged me to continue my travels. Thank you!

So, KL I guess in closing I just want to say a huge thank you to you for reassuring me in so many ways, that I made the right decision to come and see you! You can be sure I will be back!




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