Thank you letter to Melaka, Malaysia

Dearest Melaka,

It will be difficult for me to find the words to thank you for your hospitality without shedding a few tears. Leaving was painful even though I was looking forward to seeing Kuala Lumpur again.

How strange was it that once again, I came to you and thought – wow, this place is not going to be good to me? Instead, on the very first night you embraced me! You provided Yong, the owner of the Bucket Bar, and his friend Johnnie from Denmark. Within hours, I was in a nice clean guesthouse with my own room and air-conditioning! Every night I spent in the bar with you Yong was fantastic. You introduced me to your employee Rosie and she shared her evening meal with me every night so I could taste the cooking first hand! I know after our conversations about Las Vegas and how they run the bars there, you will take the information and grow your business! I can’t wait to see Bucket Bar Kuala Lumpur and Bucket Bar Singapore, etc. Go for it buddy…..and thank you!

Melaka, every day as I walked around town, you kept me entertained with the guys on their trishaws. How they made me laugh! Totally decorated with flowers and lights, the trishaws sat in the main square just waiting to cruise around town. And the guys that peddled them just made me smile. Their choice of music was so cool – everything from Dean Martin to Rhianna to Usher to Perry Como. It was hilarious. Even when I had to consistently tell them no thank you, the drivers always gave back a big (sometimes toothless) smile and “welcome”….instead of you’re welcome. Still makes me smile to think of them! Thank you!

William, you run a lovely guesthouse. I will always remember hearing you call the cat – One-One!! What a funny name for a cat! And why is it you think you will ever have that cat trained to come whenever you call him for food? “One-One food” is a phrase I won’t soon forget! And thank you for your daughter who so graciously provided me with a bucket, soap, and hangars so I could do some laundry instead of taking it out to be done – what a sweetheart! Thank you!

To the nice gentleman at the riverside cafe where I ate frequently, thank you for just letting me sit there and write in my journal! You always left me alone and just came around now and then to see if I needed anything. Your quiet, calm demeanor always made me feel like I was on a vacation from travelling! Thanks too for asking me if I wanted my noodles spicy or not – you must have read it on my face! Or perhaps you heard the noises from my stomach that were probably sending out the vibe of…please, please, please, don’t put anything else spicy in me!! Regardless, I appreciated your thoughtfulness in asking first! Thank you!

Sonia, you showed up in Melaka on my last night there. Oh how I wish I could have spent more time with you! You were such a pleasure to meet! I enjoyed walking around the night market with you and enjoying some native Nyona food! And how can I ever thank you for all the tips regarding my travel in Thailand and the islands especially? I learned so much from you in those few hours! I was surprised that, after us hitting our beds at 2am, you still got up early and walked me to the bus stop! How sweet that was of you! I’m so glad I have your contact information so I can see you when I am in Spain! It will be fantastic to see your home city of Barcelona through your eyes! Thank you!

Walmart Twins!

To the lady that was wearing the same Walmart t-shirt as me in Melaka, I hope your stay in Melaka was as wonderful as mine! Wasn’t that hysterical? Miles away from our country, a chance meeting and we’re both wearing the same shirt!! It just goes to show how small the world is! But I enjoyed our chat and will remember our meeting fondly! Thank you!

Melaka, it was a pleasure to meet you! I look forward to returning some day. I mean, I really must simply to enjoy your beautiful sea breezes, check on my friends William and Yong, and to see if One-One truly will come when called! Thank you again for the lovely time – you will not be forgotten!



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