Thoughts so far…..

Today I decided to take a few minutes and express my thoughts about my trip so far. I’ve been seeing so much, learning new things, trying new foods, and just getting myself oriented to this long term travel.

One of the things that I wanted to tell all of you is that you have no idea how it makes me feel to open Facebook and know that so many people are watching, commenting, and sending good thoughts my way! It’s so reassuring! KL has been especially nerve-wracking in that while it’s a big city like Singapore, it’s not nearly as clean and beautiful. It has it’s own charm and it’s grown on me, but that’s because of the people I’ve met here. The employees here at Reggae Mansion and the young kids staying here have been a true blessing! But in saying that, there is no greater comfort than knowing that all of you back home are “with me”!! So, expect more pics and updates because they’re coming! And thank you for all your kind words of encouragement….they never go unread!!! 🙂

I’m finding too that lightening my load is easy! When something isn’t working out right for me, I let it go! If an article of clothing that I brought with me isn’t feeling good or right, I just get rid of it. Everything is so cheap here and carrying around unwanted baggage is silly. I have the feeling that the same thing is happening to me mentally! There’s no point in getting upset about things here….I just make peace with the fact that while KL is very dirty in some areas, so is NYC and LA and well, just about everywhere! I struggle with the Indian culture (although it fascinates me) because it seems so dirty. They eat with their hand (the right one of course) because you know what the left one is for (and if you don’t….go research that)! They throw trash in the streeet, etc. But, it’s not for me to judge them….but I can chose not to place a lot of emphasis on seeing those areas.

Make-up is a luxury that I will carry around at any cost! I actually bought my Clinique perfume once I got into Asia! Because I have to roll my clothes up and they get wrinkled, my attire isn’t always so great. The least I can do is put on a little make-up now and then so I feel better about myself and hopefully don’t scare as many people!

I’ve learned to use the bathroom when I need to and not wait until there’s no one around! Sounds silly huh? But honestly, I have such a phobia about that! I get so self-conscious it’s stupid and the only person that gets hurt by that is me! The one thing I don’t want to be when I’m travelling is sick! It’s important for me to take care of me!

Writing in my travel journal has become a task for me. I’m not sure if that’s because I can simply Facebook or journal my thoughts online or what?? However, I will need to journal when I walk the Camino so I’ve decided to stop punishing myself about it…when I need to write…I will! 🙂

Finally, travelling does not mean running all around town every day getting to every attraction. I’ve enjoyed some great conversations, book reading, and strolling around the city. I’ve learned to put my legs up after being out in the heat. Drinking water is a pleasure for me! A shower in the afternoon cools me down and then I enjoy quiet time in the courtyard just watching people, being on the Internet, whatever!

So far…so good! 🙂




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