Never-ending shopping!

My second full day in Singapore didn’t go quite like I planned. My original intention was to head over to the Marina Bay area and check out the Singapore Flyer. This is the world’s largest giant observation wheel. I thought this would be a perfect place to take pictures of Singapore at night (and still do)! However, I never made it there. Instead, I got on the MRT (subway) and decided I better check out the travel time to the train station since I leave on Wednesday for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Wow, it’s a good thing I did – in many ways. First of all, it gave me an opportunity to do what I’m finding is just about my favorite activity when travelling. I ended up going across much of Singapore and lucky for me, most of the ride was actually above ground. I was amazed at how beautiful this country is. But the funny thing is that because it’s so small, everything is built upwards. It’s weird to see laundry hanging from ten stories up and even more! And yet, there it was! Which leads me to….

Shopping malls. Singapore shopping malls are built the same way…UP!  I was amazed to walk out of the MRT station and into the basement level of a shopping mall only to find it continued up and up and up. Level after level of every store you can think of. At one point, I got to a level of all household goods….now remember, these are all different stores with household goods and by that I mean one store sold bathroom fixtures like towel racks. Another sold ovens and countertop ranges. This was above other floors that were selling clothes and shoes and perfume and jewelry…you name it…they are selling it. From designer fashion stores to 7-11’s to McDonald’s to Cold Stone Creamery….these malls have it all. Not to mention the little food stands that are selling all kinds of Southeast Asian food.

So,  my journey to find out about the Singapore Flyer didn’t happen today. But what did happen is that I learned how this city grows – basically – UP! And by the way, it’s not just one mall that has multiple levels…it’s every mall and I went in at least five of them today walking down the famous Orchard Road! It’s all just amazing… glad Singapore is my first stop on this journey!


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