Beginning….to value all I have today!

Today is Jason’s birthday. Had he not passed away due to SIDS, he would be 30! Wow! It’s hard for me to even imagine who he would be as an adult.

Today I recall being in the hospital those many years ago and seeing his beautiful face for the first time.

Today I will not weep for him, rather I will rejoice knowing my two other sons are happy and healthy.

Today I am focusing on my oldest son Chris. How I loved when I would hang the Broncos ornament on a front branch of the tree and “hide” his Cowboys ornament in the back only to find he would change them while I was out. It’s a wicked little game we played with each other every Christmas season.

Chris - check out that hand placement!

Today I am focusing on my youngest son Daniel. Every year we would watch Christmas Vacation and The Grinch (Jim Carrey version) numerous times during the Christmas holidays. Only Daniel could appreciate how much I love The Grinch. I would just laugh and laugh at how he could recite full scenes word for word!

Daniel and I in Vegas!

Today I am laughing at the funny picture on my cellphone! It’s this picture of my granddaughter enjoying the pool with my nephew Matthew! I’m thrilled to be a grandma!

Mikaylah and Matthew!

Today I am thinking about my many friends in Colorado. The pot lucks, holiday parties, and happy hours at Dublin House were always a part of my holiday fun! Mostly, I am feeling grateful for the times they were there to lift my spirits along with buying me “spirits”!!

Becky and I in Vegas - she will never forgive me for posting this!

Today I am thinking about my new friends that I’ve met on the road who have encouraged me to keep doing what feels right. Friends from Spain and South Africa and Dubai and Switzerland and London and Morocco and Germany and on and on have said to me….keep taking one step right after another!

Tricia & Marissa...Tricia is my Camino de Santiago HERO!!

Making new friends in Spain!

Today I’m grateful for all my family here in the east. It’s nice to know they are all within a day’s drive! I don’t feel so removed from them. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with some of them – playing cards, eating turkey, and just enjoying each other. We are a crazy bunch when we get together…no matter how much drama there is! 🙂

Easter Bonnets???? Really????

Today I am with my sisters and mom and feeling blessed to know there is much love around me even when I am in pain from missing Jason.

Us girls!

Today is a wonderful day!


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  1. Rebecca Carney - One Woman's Perspective
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 07:54:20

    My Jason would have turned 30 in 2012…I smiled as I read your blog. Hubby is a Colorado native, Bronco fans for years. When Jason was little, he had a Bronco shirt with #77 on it. When someone asked him who he was, he said, I’m Karl Mecklenburg!”


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