Endings….Falling leaves

Fall in TN!


This will be the first year (in many) that I’m not with friends from work enjoying the Halloween holiday. I’m also not with my boys and my granddaughter. I love Halloween and always enjoyed the festivities that were planned at work. This year however, as much as I miss all of that, I am with my mom and sisters and I am finding a different way to celebrate. Tomorrow night we are walking over to the next door neighbor’s yard and joining them for a bonfire, snacks, and just general fun for the holiday.

Now that the leaves have colored the woods, fall is in it’s full glory – along with the quick changes in weather that accompany it! Sunshine one day, rain the next! But it’s still beautiful and while I miss everyone back in Colorado, I truly do enjoy being back here in the east. It’s amazing to watch the change in the trees every day. On sunny days, the colors are vibrant and look so “alive”. On rainy days, they fall and it’s a reminder that they are at the end phase of their existence.

Some days, I feel more like a falling leaf than I want to admit! I know I’m in a transitional phase. No, I’m certainly not at the end of my existence, but I know I’m heading to the “fall” of my life. Time is running out for me do the things I want to do! But, like the leaves that just keeping clinging to the branches, I am hanging on for all it’s worth! I simply refuse to be raked up like a leaf and tossed into the bonfire!

For those of you who have been following and know I’m about travelling, hang on with me through these next months. My plan is to be with family and then to travel a bit. I’m still contemplating SE Asia, but I’m finding myself more and more drawn to doing the Camino de Santiago in Spain. After that, I feel like I will have a clearer picture of what I want to do. While SE Asia is a “cheaper” destination, I’m discovering enough about myself to realize that it’s important for me to be in places that mean something to me. As someone who has struggled for years where religion is concerned, I am intrigued by the Camino and it’s effect on those who embrace it.

So for the next two months I’m going to stay put and focus the people around me and just let myself be present in this moment. Watching the leaves fall, I recognize that there is an end for all things and it’s important to always appreciate now. To my friends and family in Colorado, have a safe and happy Halloween!


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