Beginning….to find the calmer path!

It’s after midnight and I’ve decided it’s way past time to post! Shame on me for not journaling sooner, but it’s really been a hectic few weeks. However, the calmer part of change feels like it’s starting to happening! Let me explain.

I returned from Europe on Thursday,  September 22nd. Of course, the flight home always seems so long partly because it’s a bummer to leave Europe and partly because it’s a daytime flight. Nine to ten hours of watching movies, eating, trying to sleep, etc., isn’t really all that exciting. On Friday, I did my packing, laundry, and cleaning the apartment in preparation for the move along with a little bit of stressing about the cost and time concerns in regards to getting my car fixed. Saturday, I headed up to Denver International Airport to pick up my niece, Morgan.

The weekend was busy for Morgan and I. We hit the Chili Festival in Pueblo and a gathering at a friend’s house on Saturday after the ride back from Denver.Sunday, we visited my other niece and her boyfriend for the afternoon and evening, along with packing and cleaning the apartment earlier in the day.

As you can see, it was a hectic start to my journey to Tennessee. But folks, that’s only the tip of the iceburg. The entire next week, from Monday to Monday, was spent enroute! Morgan and I left Monday afternoon for Vegas! We had a blast! We spent Monday night in Fruita, CO to break up the drive. Then, we enjoyed Vegas Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! We were supposed to leave on Thursday, but we were having so much fun that we booked Thursday night and left on Friday morning! From there, we visited the Grand Canyon and then the Oklahoma City Memorial. We took our time and drove only until about 7pm every day. We finally rolled into town on Monday! We could have made it much quicker, but I have to say, I enjoyed every minute with Morgan. She was so helpful and I’ll always be grateful to her for making the journey a great one for us both! She’s a sweetie!

Now, it feels like a calmness is setting in. I’ve been here a couple of days and although we’ve been very busy every day with moving furniture around, etc. to get settled in, I can feel a peacefulness in me. Today, we had lots of commotion going on with changing out a refrigerator from my cousin’s house and moving a washer and dryer in along with my aunt moving out of this house. But no matter how much was going on, I truly felt at peace. It was ok…it was all family….there was no real pressure for me to be in charge or to try to make everything alright. Things just happened and I just let them happen. It was as if the sounds around me were all muted.

So tonight, I’m lying on a blow up mattress typing out my thoughts. It doesn’t matter to me that I don’t have my own “real” bed, a tv in this room, or even a single piece of furniture. What matters is that the window is open and the cool night air feels fresh and new on my skin. It matters that my mom, my sister, my nephew and my niece are in other rooms close by. It matters that my boys are back in Colorado and that I feel confident they are okay. Regardless of what I don’t have, what I DO have is a calmness and the knowledge that I know I made the right decision to make this move. The path I’m taking is the right one…and it truly is calmer.


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