Endings…. Leaving Spain and A Piece of Sanity!

My Bartender Friend from India!

As I sit on the train from Paris to Koln (Cologne) Germany, I’m reflecting on my time in Spain. Quite honestly, Barcelona was nice in many ways. The Las Ramblas area with it’s beautiful pedestrian area and shops was lovely although it’s definitely a tourist area. There are beautiful fountains and the Monument de Colon in honor of Christopher Columbus is a site to see. However, I personally was much more enchanted with Madrid. Maybe it’s because of my adventure with Valdelavilla, but I really think it has more to do with the overall flavor of Madrid. My impression is that Madrid is slower and older – I’m sure Barcelona attracts the younger crowd. I enjoyed Barcelona, but Madrid will always have a special place in my heart.

Impression of Paris – I can’t honestly say! I really didn’t spend anytime in Paris. I took the night train from Barcelona to Paris and now the midday train to Koln. First thoughts are that it looks like a lovely city, although I’m not quite sure I would like it if I spent time there. Of course,  there are famous sites to see but the overall feel of the city is not very friendly. That’s probably a really unfair glance at it, but it’s what I’m feeling. I will return someday and decide whether or not to confirm that first impression!

I’m looking forward to returning to Germany. I’ve never seen Koln, but I hear it’s quite beautiful. Staying in a hostel for two nights will be good also. It gives me a chance to relax a little and just take my time discovering the city.

One thing I learned to leave behind in Spain was my sanity. I found it’s ok to go insane and by that I mean….lose the map! Truly, life will go on without a map! Getting lost in Barcelona was fun. You’re never REALLY lost….just unsure of where you are! And what do I do when I’m lost? Find a new friend…or a bar….or a bartender!! I never even got this bartender’s name, but he’s from India! He highly recommends India, although he suggested I wait until I’ve grown more accustomed to travelling alone. It was enjoyable to talk with him….an Indian bartender in an Irish pub in Barcelona….the world is truly a small place.

So in leaving a country a fell in love with, I leave with wonderful memories of new friends, pictures in my mind of the landscape and beauty, and one and 1/2 less pairs of pants, but new skirts! I leave behind the thought that I always need to know WHERE I am….I’m quite content to just BE. And that my friends, is me leaving the sane world of order! It’s all good! 🙂


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