Beginnings…..always “pay it forward”!

My final night in Europe and where am I spending it? In a bar of course. The bartender here is very sweet! Her name is Julianne. Actually, this bar is just a quiet place on a busy street. Funny though, it’s one of a few bars in Cologne that is open 23 hours….yes, you read that right! They close for about an hour around 7am to clean up, but other than that, it’s open all night!

Julianne was here last night and we started talking. I find her enduring – she’s just so normal and really likes her job as a bartender. Both nights that I’ve been here there have been guys playing speed chess here. She said they are here everyday and then into the night – just playing chess over and over again! For me, the place is relaxing and comfortable. When I mentioned to Julianne last night that few places have Internet with a fee, she offered to bring in her USB stick so I could connect to the Internet and blog or check reservations or whatever. Sure enough, she came in with it tonight….how sweet is that?

I am amazed how there is no end to the nice people I find in my travels. And in turn, I have tried to do my part. Yesterday when hopping from one train station to another by metro, I found I had extra metro tickets so I passed them on to a young couple who were both carting around backpacks. They were so grateful! Today, one of the gals in my hostel room was going to buy another soap tablet for the washing machine. Since I had one extra from Barcelona, I passed it on to her. Kindness goes both ways and I’m doing my part to “pay it forward”!



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