Endings…..Leaving Madrid

Bad news: Tomorrow I leave Madrid.

Good news: I am moving on to Barcelona!

I know that some of you following the blog are anxiously waiting for pictures. To be honest with you, it takes quite a while for me to upload them and many times, I’m really exhausted by the time I sit down and start typing. Mostly though, I just haven’t learned how to be fully organized with this travel thing! Just when I finally sit down to write, that’s about the time I remember that my camera is in my hostel locker! Silly things like that….and quite frankly, I’m too tired (or lazy) to go to the room to get it! Shame, shame, shame! Bear with me….I will try very hard to get them posted!

While I may have thought I had it all together (this whole packing and travelling thing), I am learning every day that I will need to make some changes! The one thing I have discovered though, is that I am very adept at doing what I need to do to manage! For instance, I brought along with me a pair of yoga type pants to have for lounging/sleeping, etc. Today, I came up with a clever little idea. First of all, they are too hot to wear to sleep in because it’s quite warm here in Madrid. Also, I bought a couple of sundresses here but have trouble wearing them because it’s so hot that my legs tend to chafe (and by the way, it’s terribly embarassing to admit that)! So my second thought was that I need something to wear under the dresses so that doesn’t happen. This morning, I asked the hostel manager for a pair of scissors, cut off the pant legs and I now have shorts to sleep in and to wear under my dresses to protect my legs!!! YAY for me….killed two birds with one stone!! I rewarded myself by buying two skirts also….reversible I might add which means I really have four skirts! Again, YAY!!!

So here is what I know about Madrid – the people are friendly, the food is wonderful, the air is hot (although I’m told that will be changing soon), and the experience has made me want to visit again….and I am sure I will.

I leave Madrid with a “new” pair of shorts (ha ha!!!) and a new found appreciation for dresses and skirts, the experience of Vaughantown, a book full of new email addresses and Facebook friends to add, invitations for stays in South Africa, London, Dubai, Australia, the Canary Islands, and so many photos and memories I will always cherish.

End of my stay in Madrid….I can only imagine what Barcelona will bring!


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