In the Middle…A peaceful center….

This is one wonderful city. Today my challenge was to go from my hostel in Puerto del Sol to the Atocha train station and back and then to the tapas reception for the Vaughantown experience which is in a totally different part of town where’ve I’ve never been. Did it! Both were easy to to get to due to this excellent Metro system, the fact that I’m no longer afraid to ask for directions, and just my general willingness to be okay with being lost. Nothing is the end of the world….I know I’m in Madrid, I know the name of my hostel, and I know I can always call a taxi if I have to and believe me, that in and of itself is enough to ensure I WILL find my way back!

Tapas….now that is an experience. It’s basically appetizers served with drinks during the evening hours here in Madrid. I like this idea….a lot… much so that I stopped at several bars to enjoy the experience. Some of the bars serve these complimentary with drinks, although they choose the appetizer(s)! In one bar I had guacamole with chips and the other bar…well, I’m not quite sure what they were serviing but it was good. I was going to ask but I was in hurry to San Miguel Market. I’m glad I made the decision to hurry….it was worth it for this experience.

I actually went to San Miguel Market yesteerday, but it was during the daytime hours. At night, the place comes even more to life. There are many, many kinds of tapas to purchase – they are not included with the drinks! But this is a way for them to introduce you to their meats and cheeses and yogurts and ice cream and olives and seafoord. There is no end to this list! My favorite place….a little Russian stand that sells caviar and…..Smirnoff ICE!!! I love it….finally a drink I know and love! So I’m included some of the pics from the Market. By the way, there were people dressed up, dressed down, all having a great time regardless!

While I was at the Market, I met a couple from Kansas. The wife (I forgot her name already – shame on me!) is very interested in doing the volunteering that I’ll be starting tomorrow. She now has the name of the place and my email. YAY! I’m networking!

I’m excited for tomorrow, but sleeping Madrid is weird! Everyone is out on the plaza and there’s so much commotion. It feels like everything comes so much more alive in the evening. This is probably because it finally cools down and the nightlife is just insane here. Personally, I’d like a big fat ice cream cone right about now, but after sampling the different tapas and the drinks….I think I’ll pass. But sitting here in the hostel enjoying the noise makes me realize that even though I’m alone, I’m surrounded by people and activity and the fact that the world keep spinning. Whether I’m in a beginning phase or an ending phase….there’s always still a middle….a place where people connect just because we are people! I love the middle as much as a do anything else…it gives me peace and well, no pun intended….it helps me feel centered!

Adios amigos and amigas……until another day! šŸ™‚


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