Beginning my day in….Madrid!

After the long overnight train ride from Paris, I woke up and found myself in the city of Madrid. WOW! I love this place. The train station was clean and wonder of all wonders – the bathroom was FREE! Almost everywhere I’ve been so far in Europe, the WC (or water closet or bathroom) always has a charge. No charge here – love it when I can pee for free!! And my tips for sleeping on an overnight train – Benadryll and ear plugs! I drifted off to sleep with the rolling of the wheels! SWEET!

The Metro in Madrid is awesome and easy to use. At first I had a little difficulty buying the ticket, but then I found out I was trying to buy the wrong kind! Once I started looking around I realized I just needed to get to the right kind of machine! After that, it was a breeze!

I have found one little problem here that I didn’t really have in the previous two cities – I like the shopping here. Well, not the souvenir stuff, but I did find the huge department store here called El Corte Ingles Department Store. It’s in the Puerto del Sol area and as luck would have it, it’s about a two minute walk from my hostel! Nice huh? Truthfully, I did have a reason for shopping. It feels like one hundred degrees outside. After arriving from Paris where it was chilly and damp, the heat feels almost oppressive. It’s okay though because the remedy for that is to go the department store and buy not one, but two sundresses. I had to do it….I just bought a couple of fat lady dresses and it’s so much cooler!! The fun part was trying to figure out sizes! Oh well, I just kept trying until I found some things that fit! It was a new adventure – I highly recommend it!

In keeping with the fat lady theme, I had to try the ice cream here. Whatever your thoughts are about Italian gelato, the ice cream here has that beat! It is the best ever. This afternoon while I was walking around I decided that I should try some – big mistake. I’m gonna struggle to stay away from it! I had Dulce del Luce which is caramel – yummo!

Another place I saw today was San Miguel Market in Plaza Mayor. This was the coolest place ever. It has every kind of pastry, fruits, yogurts, ice creams, flowers, meats, etc. It’s like a grocery store and more but pretty open air feeling. I bought (yes, more shopping) a cute bag there to carry around in town. I saw bags all over town that say Madrid on them, but this was actually looks kind of Indian or Asian because it has a kind of henna look to it and has elephants on it. That’s to get me in the spirit of Thailand. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Oh, and I bought a fan – and it’s wonderful. I feel so…..Spanish (and a little bit cooler)!!

I put in a few pics of Madrid! Just so all of you know, no matter where I am, I think of how so many of you would love this!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. KK
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 12:36:27

    Hey, that’s my expertise- shopping! Leave some for me!


  2. Jean T
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 20:13:15

    Love reading about your adventures! Keep the updates coming. Have a safe and fun journey Cheri. Remember….the more you shop the more you have to carry! lol


    • cheriarnold
      Sep 10, 2011 @ 05:29:03

      Jean..glad you’re enjoying the posts. I’m trying to stay faithful to the writing. And the shopping, well, you are right. One thing I bought though IS a bag to carry and it just slings across my body and is made of cloth…so good thing there! The two dresses – well, I may just leave one behind for the next lady travellor…the other is VERY lightweight and will be okay in the bag. It’s so heavy now it’s ridiculous.. I’m constantly looking at what I can take out and leave behind! 🙂

      Love ya…thanks for following! Cheri 🙂


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