Beginning Europe Solo ….. Class 101!

My first day in Europe alone and what a day it’s been. Let’s talk about the
flight first though. Turbulence is my friend! Oh I know some of you out there
are not into the whole flying thing.  However, the trick about turbulence is that once you get the feel of the  plane’s movements, it’s like a rocking chair and you need to simply remember  that feeling. Think about when you were a child and you got in a rocking chair  or a swing? That motion can be soothing once you get over the fear.  And considering my age, a rocking chair is a  nice change from an office chair! Don’t get me wrong – I’m not ready to slide  into my “golden years” yet, but I can certainly appreciate being  lulled to sleep. It was pretty much a bumpy ride all night, but I rather liked  it!

Let’s move on to the arrival. So one would think that this little world  travellor would have no problem in the Frankfurt Airport. Guess what I couldn’t  find? The exit…that’s right….the exit. There’s no requirement for reading  German to find the exit – one must simply look for the sign that says, you  guessed it – exit! Duh! Took me a while but I found it and then the train  station. I walked right up to the ticket machine and bought a ticket like I  knew exactly what I was doing! Funny how the little things seem to trip me up!

The hostel, on the other hand, was a breeze. I walked out of the train
station and immediately landed in the lobby of the hostel. The Frankfort Hostel
(in all fairness) is pretty much directly across the street from the train
station! As usual, it’s full of young people. A multitude of languages can be
heard across the little room. But as always, people seem to communicate no
matter where they come from. Somewhat comforting is the fact that there are a
couple of people eating breakfast who look to be “more my age”! Since
check-in isn’t until 2:00pm and I arrived around 11:00am, I quickly deposited
my luggage in the security room and took off to explore the city.

Frankfort is the banking/financial hub of Germany. Sometimes it’s referred
to as “Bankfort”. Maybe because I’ve never been to a city like New
York, I find European cities so interesting. Multi-culturalism is a good thing.
People go about their business with no mind to how others are dressed or what
they look like. This is something that gives me hope for the future and for my
children’s future. As I walked around, I looked for a little place to enjoy
breakfast.Of course, so as not to starve (and you know me – I’m not at ALL
about starving!), I found a nice little bakery, ordered myself a croissant, and
sat watching people out the window going about their daily routines for well
over an hour.

Biggest highlight of the day – meeting another gal from….drumroll
please….Colorado Springs! She worked for several years at REI and is now out
seeing the world. Her trip is almost over and she’s been spending her time
volunteering in a number of countries. Eight months ago she started her journey
with a friends and together they’ve been seeing the world through their work
with helping others. It’s been a variety of miscellaneous opportunities and
they are almost on the last leg of the journey. Melanie, from the Springs, is
meeting back up with her friend in a few days, and then they will leave for
South Africa. I’ll link you up Melanie’s blog next time and you can read about
her journey too!

All in all, I feel good about my first day! No real big snafus so mostly, a
feeling of pride in knowing that I can at least handle Germany on my own. And
now, on to France! Merci!!

to everyone – although I have plenty of access to my pc, I don’t always have
access to wireless so I’ll post as quickly as I can. I’ll write every few days
though….just have to depend on the wireless to post!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. KK
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 07:31:33

    Hi Cheri! Enjoying your blog and success so far. Meeting the girl from Colo Springs, always is amazing what a small world we do live in. All the best to your next adventure!


    • cheriarnold
      Sep 09, 2011 @ 10:50:02

      Thanks Kathleen!!! If nothing else, I’m journaling without having to write everything down! Trust me, I type a whole lot faster than I write. I have found, however, that I usually do end up at least taking some notes on paper when I’m out and about! It just helps remind me of the things I’ve seen during the day!

      By the way, I think you would like Madrid!

      Love ya!



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