Paris!! What an awesome place. I guess because of the US relationship with France (or lack of a good one), I feel like I’m not supposed to like Paris. But the truth is, I do! It’s quite a change from Frankfurt, that’s for sure.

I arrived at Gare Est which is very close to Gare Nord. However, since my ultimate destination was Gare Austerlitz, I hopped right on the Metro and took my luggage to the storage area for safekeeping for the day. Now, I know what you’re thinking – oh sure, she just popped into Paris and lickety-split found the right Metro line! The truth is, that IS the truth! I was so proud of myself for reading up on the metro before I left because it made all the difference in the world.

Once I dropped off my luggage, I set out to explain at least a little bit of Paris before my night train to Madrid. I got back on the same Metro line and went up to Gare Nord so I could see that famous train station. It’s so impressive! In fact, so much so that I think I will return to Paris after Madrid. I like the challenge of the Metro and off seeing such a big city. One other thing I did while I was there was to actually LEAVE the train station and walk around the town in the area of the station. It’s fascinating and full of life!

Returning to Gare Austerlitz, I decided that I would do the same thing there and I proceeded to walk around the station. There were cute shops and many, many restaurants. I found a quaint little bakery and ordered a sandwich for the night train. And no, I didn’t leave dessert behind! I mean really, this is Paris after all. Raspberries are my favorite fruit and the little tart with a top full of raspberries simply could not sit there without me feeling like it was screaming out – PICK ME! PICK ME! And so I did!


Funny thing that I noticed while in Paris – three different men were wearing the oddest socks. Yes, you read that right – odd socks! The guy sitting next to me at the train station was wearing Homer Simpson (with a Santa hat) socks and the other two men were also wearing “character” socks. I don’t know – I really had a different visual of French men!


I’m on the train now to Madrid – hoping all of my friends and family are doing well back in the states. I’m feeling so much more confident in just these few days and looking forward to the adventure in Spain! Adios for now!!


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