Beginning alone…..and it’s all good!

Woo-hoo…..a brand new day! Heading off to Europe all by myself! Truthfully, I’m a little nervous about this, but hey, I think that’s what I’m supposed to be! Transitioning to doing things a new way is always difficult.

Speaking of transitions, I simply must tell you about my new jacket. It has like 300 pockets in it – okay, maybe not really 300 hundred. But it sure seems like it! This is my first trip with this jacket and I love it – sort of! The pockets are great because they are all inside and most have zippers. Man, do I feel like I’m a walking vault! However, the look is more like the Michelan man! Add a backpack to that and well, you get the idea. I find people moving out of the way for me so maybe it’s not such a bad thing!

I just landed in Washington, DC at Dulles Airport. Now,  let’s talk about this. For such a historic and famous place such as Washington, one would think our country would go out of it’s way to greet people with a great big “howdy”. Not quite! It’s old and run down, but truthfully, like I am in all airports, I’m fascinated by the people.

Earlier this morning in the Colorado Springs Airport, I spent some time doing nothing but observing. What a treat that is – to just sit and watch people. A few rows away, a child is screaming – I can only hope she won’t be entering our aircraft! Across from me is an older couple, (I’m lying – they are probably my age!) and they are sharing the morning paper. It fascinates me that they actually carry on a conversation now and then about what’s in the news. I would love to be with someone special and share things like that! The lady next to them is getting ready to eat a muffin that she bought in the restaurant. Don’t you just hate trying to eat something, watch your luggage, find the ringing phone, and look totally under control while doing it all. Trust me, she is neither in control nor multi-tasking efficiently. However, she is providing a good bit of entertainment.

A few rows away, a young black man in a camoflauge uniform is getting ready to sit down. I wonder how different his trip will be from mine. His travels will take him far away and into danger I’m sure. It makes me realize that no matter what I’m afraid of when travelling by myself, there will always be someone out there making a more difficult journey – even if he or she is simply staying home. Someone is always fighting cancer or a bad marriage or the challenge of finding a job. No one’s life is easier or better than someone elses.

And so….I’m off to Europe. I’m going to find my way around this airport, grab a bite to eat, and maybe do a little more people-watching.

The trip begins…..alone.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Becky
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 19:10:11

    Cheri – I am enjoying reading your blog. I am keeping everyone here updated on your trip! I look forward to reading more soon! Miss you! Take care and Have FUN!!!!!!!!


    • cheriarnold
      Sep 09, 2011 @ 07:01:16

      Thanks so much Becky! Finally in Madrid…and I LOVE it!!! What a great place to be! Keep watching because I can finally post a couple blogs now! 🙂

      Love ya and having a blast!

      Cheri 🙂


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