Bittersweet Ending……Goodbye to my job!

It had to come sometime. After seventeen years of working for the same company,  I’m moving on. Here are my thoughts on this:

1.) It truly is a bittersweet ending! I see the possibility for the company to be so successful and provide security to those already employed and an opportunity to provide jobs for those in the community who are unemployed. And yet, I am choosing to walk voluntarily out the door into a country with an unemployment rate of 9%.

2.) Like most corporations in America, more and more rules and legalities are not just creeping in, but really taking precedence over common sense. That is not something confined to this company. And as much as guidelines on how to operate legally are needed,  they will never replace common sense!

3.) My co-workers over the last 17 years have been my friends, my drinking buddies, my shoulders to cry on, my confidants, and at times, even my enemies! We’ve laughed and cried together, lost loved ones together, changed positions throughout the company, and watched each other’s children and ourselves get older! In the end, the people I’m leaving behind physically will always be in my heart.

4.) Best times…..Halloweens in Data Entry….what a hoot! We had a blast dressing up in crazy costumes….Sue P. – you will always be my best old lady friend! Karen Mc – you may be gone from the company but I will always remember the fantastic imagination and sewing ability you had for costumes!  The golf tournaments….Brian H. – you are the best golfing buddy EVER!  Tillie….thanks for opening that door for me!

5.) What I’ve learned about customer service: Our company has the best reps ever! They care about our customers and our business. What’s more, they care about each other. Nancy M….you are wonderful leader to all of them. Your energy fuels that whole room! I’m proud to have learned about customer service from YOU. And more important, your friendship means the world to me. Becky B….you are the bomb girlfriend! As long as you are there, the customers will always get top of the line service. And you too have touched my heart!

6.) To my BFF (and you know who you are)…..there is no ending…I’m not even going there!! 🙂

And so, after seventeen years I am ready to move on. I take with me many years of memories. Now it’s time for me to transition to a time of travel and exploration. But I will be taking all of you with me! Thank you for everything!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nancy M.
    Aug 26, 2011 @ 16:07:07

    You are a very special lady! I have no words, honestly and I am truly going to miss you. I am so happy for you to be able to travel to Europe and teach, what a blessing. I wish you all the best in all that you do. Make sure you have a “Orujo” for me when you are in Spain, okay maybe two. Love ya girl!!!


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