Endings…it’s all good!

This has been a wild few weeks full of endings! My sister is leaving for Tennessee to live with my mom. I will miss her and my nephew Matthew. He keeps me in stitches. It’s weird. When she had Matthew, I worried to death about how I would handle being around him as he was born with Down’s Syndrome. How foolish I was! He is an absolute joy – just like every child and even more so. He’s so loving even when he’s being a little pistol!

My second ending – I sold my boat. Yup, just put in on Craigslist on a Thursday and it was out of my hands on Saturday afternoon. While I enjoyed the boat for the little while that I had it, it was simply too much. I have awesome friends who helped me in every way possible and I’m so thankful and grateful to them. But in the big scheme of things, the boat really doesn’t fit into my future plans.

My last ending is really a little more tough to talk about. For some time now, I’ve been kidding myself about the emptiness and sadness in my life. As a person who normally looks at the glass half full, I’ve tried keeping the smile on my face while thinking about all I have to be grateful for in my life. But inside, I’m a mess – I actually ache from feeling sad. So I finally broke down and went to the doctor. Of course, by the time I walked out I was holding a prescription for “happy pills”! Don’t misunderstand – I’m not at all thrilled nor proud of this. But the reality is that I couldn’t battle the sadness anymore by myself. Now, after a couple of weeks on them, I’m starting to feel a calmness inside of me. What seems to be ending is the feeling that I can’t cope.

Sometimes endings are scary. But always, they are just doors closing so we’re forced to open new ones. I’m looking forward to that!


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