A beginning……the travel bug bites!

Along the Grand Canal

I’ve always known it! It’s always been with me. This little parasite that just eats away at me…the travel bug! It lies dormant for a while and then wham! It bites! Most days, I can just use a little bite ointment, like say a trip back east to see family, and the bug goes back into hiding for a while!! But over the past few years, I’m not sure if the bug has invited friends in to join him or her or whatever “it” is, but it’s come back in full force!

A couple of years ago, I read The Secret, one of my all time favorite books. It was a life-changer in the respect that it talked right to my heart. And apparently, the little bug must have read it too or the bug is “part of the universe” – I’m not sure which! But the end result is that I cut out pictures of different places in Europe, made myself a little “visualization” board, and started figuring out how I was going to get to Europe. About a year later, I was on my way!

One of the pictures I loved the most was of the gondolas in Venice. Every night I would look at that picture while lying in bed trying desperately to fall asleep. I hung the board up right on the wall near my bed…it was a hideous place to hang a picture I might add. The good thing (well, not always) was that there was seldom anyone in the bedroom but me! That board was the last thing I saw every night before I drifted off and the first thing I looked at in the morning! So when I finally took a vaperetto down the Grand Canal, yup, you guessed it – the tears were rolling down my face! Every penny I saved was worth that moment alone! But of course, there were “aha” moments everywhere I went in Europe.

So to my little internal parasite, I want to say thank you for using me for lunch now and then! You bit me again recently and now, I’m headed to Europe (although some different places) in September. Here’s the catch though – it seems the insect is biting much harder this time around! I thought the Europe trip would satisfy both the bug and me, but it didn’t. BIG BIG BITE this time. Don’t fall of your chair, but I’m truly considering a round the world trip.

Stay tuned folks as this will be my sounding board, my freak attack outlet, my sanity check….what a minute…that may be an oxymoron!! Remember, like I said in my first post, once the words I AM are said and written…it MUST happen..that’s the way of the world.

For now…I’m off Saturday to see family back east. Watch out for bugs! That’s always the beginning!


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