Hello World!

Wow! I’m finally doing it! For a totally geeky girl when it comes to technology, I challenged myself to set up a blog. While WordPress has been helpful, it will take sooooo much more for me to really “get this”! But my dream is to get to a point where not only does the writing come easy, but the technology snafus become fewer!

So what is the title “beginningsandendings” all about? Well to start with (no pun intended), it’s where I’m at right now in my life. After nearly thirty years of marriage and now almost four years of separation, am I beginning or ending something? This is a question I ask myself almost daily! In some way, I regret walking away from my marriage both because I don’t like hurting another person and because of course, I don’t like feeling pain either! However, once the decision was made, I knew down deep that it was what I needed to do for both of us. Now, that’s not to say I haven’t spilled some tears – there have been many. But after thirty years, who would expect anything less? I guess you can look at the end of the marriage as just that…an end. I choose however, to see it as a beginning.

At my age (and let’s just say that’s over 50 but under 55), starting life over as a single gal is proving to be quite a challenge. Notice that word I’m using – challenge! One day I see that word changing to adventure! Actually, it’s not the word that has to change but me that has to do the changing! The good news is – I’m already starting to feel a little like it’s going to happen soon rather than later. Oh sure, I know I’ve been out on my own for almost four years now, but give me a break! I’m a slow learner! Truthfully, I’ve been holding on to the past for security. But lately I feel as though so many things are changing for me and something is helping me let go and move on. It’s probably a combination of things – reading more about understanding what makes us all “tick”, positive affirmations on a daily basis, journalizing my gratitude for all the good things in my life, and maybe even just recoginizing that the only person who can change me is ME!

There is a belief that once a person proclaims a statement to the universe, that the universe will listen and respond. There is also a belief that the two strongest words in the English language are I AM. With that being said, I feel confident that in the near future, I will be making an I AM statement that will take me to a very different level. But for now, I will leave you with these words…..

If you knew me yesterday, please do not think that it is the same person that you are meeting today.
John Powell



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